About Us


Shockley Enterprise & Government Services Company is a threat & security, capabilities & solutions national security company providing innovative systems, products, and solutions in information systems, all-source intelligence, and technical services to government and commercial customers around the globe.

Our core competencies is aligned with the current and future needs of our customers, and address emerging global security challenges in key areas, such as Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C5ISR), Healthcare IT, Intelligence, and unmanned systems, which are critical to the defense of our nation and its allies.

SEGSCO’s Value Proposition

Mastering Today’s Challenges and Preparing our Clients for a Successful Tomorrow
SEGSCO’s team of All-Source Intelligence Analysts, , Structural, Civil and Urban Planning Engineers, Disaster Management Advisors and High-Tech Experts in Cyber Security and end-to-end communications have successfully supported a diversified list of Clients including Foreign & Domestic governments and Private Industry leaders.

Planning Over the Horizon

Because of the increasingly complex and dynamic world we live in, our Clients benefit from the expertise we possess by helping them look at their near-term opportunities and their long-term possibilities by emphasizing today’s successes does not guarantee success tomorrow. We work with our Clients to seize the advantage and prepare for trending changes in geopolitical landscape and technological markets. We specialize in path finding, market entry, and futures analysis to include:

• Intelligence Collection and Analysis Cyber and Information Security
• Strategic Advisory, Physical and Personal Security Assessments
• Scenario and Futures Analysis Strategic Planning
• Analytic Design, Development and Training Asset Recovery
• Trend Analysis and Warning Personal Security Awareness Training
• Geopolitical Executive Briefings Counterintelligence Briefings